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Water Heater Repairs in Yakima

Broken Water Heater? Call Vance Heating & Air Conditioning!

A broken water heater is a frustrating problem. Going without hot water for even a short period of time is a nuisance, and can make normally mundane daily activities suddenly extremely difficult and obnoxious. Nobody likes waking up to a cold shower in the morning or only being able to do laundry with the temperature on cold, but that’s what happens when your water heater stops producing the warm water that you need. We offer skilled Yakima water heater repairs as well as water heater installation throughout the entirety of Yakima County, including repairs for both gas and electric-powered systems. From faulty pilot lights to broken thermostats and damaged exhausts to weak water line feeds, we’ve never come across an issue we couldn’t fix. We’ll make sure everything is properly rectified so you can continue to enjoy your hot water when and where you need it. Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you leave your repair in our hands, meaning we’ll make things right if you’re unhappy with the work we do.

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Let Our Team Find & Fix Your Issue

Do you know what’s wrong with your water heater? Sure the lack of hot water may signal the sign of an issue, but there are several different reasons that this could be happening. That’s where the experience and skill of a professional is invaluable—at Vance Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ll help you get to the bottom of your issue and fix it for good rather than simply trying to rectify the symptoms. This means a longer-lasting fix, better water heater performance, and a more stable and reliable supply of hot water.

Signs You Need Water Heater Repair:

  • Rust Colored Water -
    If your water is any other color besides clear, you may have a problem with your hot water heater. Having rusty water can become a potential health hazard and should be addressed immediately. Contact us for our expert Yakima water heater repairs.
  • No Hot Water -
    If you notice that your hot water heater seems to run out quickly, it could be that the heating element in your water heater tank has broken and is unable to provide the proper amount of hot water to your home.
  • Water Heater Is Leaking -
    A water heater leak is something that you should address as soon as your notice a steady dripping down the side of your unit. If you wait to long to fix this problem, that small leak can turn into a big flood.

Our Yakima water heater repair team holds our work to high standards to earn your satisfaction. Not only do we use premium parts, but our technicians have all undergone extensive training to learn everything they need to know about these systems and how to properly work on them. When we say we’re going to handle the job properly, you can trust that we’re going to do everything in our power to treat your home and your water heater the way we would treat our own. We even put our name behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee.

A Word on Leaking Water Heaters

Replacing a water heater may seem like an expensive service, but sometimes it truly is the best and only solution. This is very much the case when we uncover a leaking water heater tank. A leaking tank is a difficult problem to fix, and it’s often simply not worth it in the overwhelming majority of cases.

Fixing a leak generally requires cutting into the insulation around the tank itself, which compromises the energy efficiency and safety of your water heater to begin with. Once we find and seal the leak, however, the problem is not always gone. In fact, a leaking tank is generally weak in other areas as well as the spot that leaked in the first place, and that means the issue could return shortly after. All the while your water heater is no longer as efficient or effective as it once was. Instead, when your tank springs a leak, our team will recommend replacement with a high-quality system from a reputable manufacturer, ensuring that your hot water supply remains stable and reliable for the future.

If your broken water heater is stressing you out, contact Vance Heating & Air Conditioning and let us take care of the problem today!


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