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Zane Tegen

Owner, President
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Zane began his career in the home services industry in 2005 doing residential sales for his stepfather, Leonard Vance, founder of Vance Heating & Air Conditioning. Zane became Len’s shadow, learning everything he could about the daily routines of the business by taking lots of detailed notes.

A year later, Len was in a serious motorcycle accident that nearly took his life. During recovery, a small lung tumor was discovered in his lung requiring major surgery and chemotherapy. While Len healed, Zane and several key employees used those notes to keep the business going through many months of hard work and a little luck.

In 2009, Len offered Zane the opportunity to buy the business so he could retire after surviving the accident and beating cancer. Zane eagerly accepted and became President. In the years that followed, he and his ambitious team have grown Vance Heating & Air Conditioning over 400%, earning loyal customers and recognition from the business community.

Zane grew up in Yakima and earned a degree from Perry Tech. He is an automobile and motorcycle enthusiast who likes to workout, boat, and travel.